Therapy through technology

You’ve thought about therapy so many times. You know you could benefit from it, but when exactly are you supposed to go with everything you have to do? If only you could video chat instead, then it would be so much easier! I’m happy to introduce teletherapy to my practice. Teletherapy is providing therapy through a live video connection. It works just like Skype or FaceTime, but we use a secure and HIPAA compliant program. The same quality treatment, in the comfort of your home (or any place)!

Why teletherapy?

  • Comfort. You can have your cozy blanket, your special mug, all the things that make you feel at ease.

  • Efficiency . Time is our most precious resource. With teletherapy there is no commute, no unexpected traffic, parking, or weather cancellations.

  • Flexibility. Teletherapy allows for maximal flexibility for overworked and overcommitted clients. No childcare? no problem! No need to worry about a car breakdown, accessibility, or the flu.