Women Therapy Groups

We once had “a village” to hold our hand and help navigate this incredible identity shift of becoming a mother. However, today, so many times we feel alone with our concerns and experiences, our fears and dreams. You don’t have to be alone in any of this, regardless of where you are on your path, what struggles you face, and what difficult feelings you may experience!

When women come together, they feel validated and supported. They discover they are not alone. Group offers women a powerful and safe place to explore thoughts and feelings, to receive and to provide support, develop positive relationships skills and connections, and to further develop a sense of self and voice.

Young Adults Therapy Groups

Remember when you couldn’t wait to get older and have the fun that comes with making your own rules and having more independence? Nobody seemed to mention that difficult feelings could come with it.

Through our experience in the group we come to understand that it is not only okay, but healthy, to experience the range of our emotions without having to respond automatically to what we feel. We become more able to notice our emotions without acting upon them. We become free to choose how we respond in various situations, and create the outcomes we desire in relationships. We react less and respond consciously more. Are you ready to join one of our groups?